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I offer online counseling services to match the pace of your life and provide the accessibility you deserve. I work with clients throughout Washington state. I help women recognize patterns of codependency, people pleasing, and less than stellar relationships with their bodies. Together we work towards replacing these with empowered communication, fulfilling relationships, and pave the way for self-acceptance and love.


​​We exist in a web of relationships. When they are meaningful and nurturing, they have the power to teach us about ourselves and empower us to reach for new heights. When dysfunctional, they can seemingly rob us of our agency and it can feel like we are destined to repeat the same patterns again and again. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Together, we will examine what you want out of your relationships and learn to move away from codependency, toxicity, and abuse and move toward direct communication, fulfilling interactions, and the support you deserve.


Nothing can prepare us for being a mother. The ways in which our hearts and minds and anxieties can expand is extraordinary. But we are constantly inundated with other people's ideas of what it means to be a "perfect" mother, and this can create significant friction in our bodies, minds, and spirits. 

Whether postpartum depression and anxiety find you living a strikingly different new baby experience than you'd envisioned, or you are struggling to find your identity now that your kids are less reliant on you, counseling provides a safe place to uncover and nourish your own needs so that you can emerge as the parent you feel called to be. 

Life Transitions

Life is constantly evolving, and so are you. Whether you are experiencing changing roles in your family, beginning or ending meaningful relationships, or embarking on a new career or identity shift, there are countess transitions we experience in life. Sometimes we seek these evolutions by craving a different life or a different way of being, but sometimes these evolutions come about unexpectedly, such as when we lose someone we care deeply for. 

Whatever transitions you are experiencing, therapy can be one of the greatest catalysts toward personal growth and empowerment.



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